A Baby's GoPro Perspective

Someone put Abraham's GoPro on Priscilla. 😊 While we enjoyed some fresh air and playing time outside, my sweet baby spotted the camera and picked it up. 

My children and I were wondering what a baby's perspective would look like with a bit of help from the GoPro. After it was adjusted on her head, it didn't last very long but she did look cute.

She smiled and giggled and took it off. Most babies don't like things on their heads anyway. So really it would have been surprising if it stayed on long enough to capture anything.  

It was a lovely day outside and at one point Abraham was rolling down the hill in a box having fun and with the camera strapped to his head. He likes to randomly film just like his older sisters do. I guess we have enjoy filming around here and enjoy watching them together. There's a joy in the creation process.  I have yet to find out if he got the footage he thought he would get.

This blog post was first posted on February 24, 2017.