Blog Update and Snapping This Flower Photo

Unedited photo of red roses from my Sweetheart

Blog Update

When I first started working on this website over a year ago, I didn't realize that I didn't make the homepage dynamic. By dynamic, I mean that I can change the elements and add slideshows, blogs (yes plural), separate articles, galleries, and more.

Instead, it was a page that acted like a blog without having "blog" anywhere in the url. So I had to create a blog page and link those posts on the homepage. Thankfully, I hadn't done a lot of work on this website as we have paused a while in the time we've been studying about branding, rebranding, and positioning.

I'm very glad the changes went smoothly. The only problem is the old links to the original posts no longer work and I wasn't able to choose the original dates the posts were published. I fixed that by posting the original dates on the bottom of those four posts.


Flower Photo

We have more updates coming up! Though I know of some sources where we can acquire photos for our posts, we prefer using photos we take ourselves. I believe it shows a personal element into our lives and home and I like that.

I tried going through some recent photos we took over the last few months, but couldn't find anything suitable for a website update. So I looked around me to see if there was something natural and calming that I could take a photo of. Though it's beautiful outside, I realized that I have some beautiful red roses Tim bought for me recently "just because." I love the memories it brings and think it's fitting to show a glimpse of our love for each other and our blessed home.